Friday, October 14, 2011


Well I must say it has been too long since I have written a blog post!  A couple years ago I decided to return to completely overtook me!  After almost two years...I realized that I had lost or buried everything I loved to do which is pretty much anything crafty particularly scrapping!  In the beginning I worked because I was having fun...when it wasn't fun anymore, I worked because I thought I needed to work to feel worth! It took me several months, but what I realized the best way to feel worth is to be needed by your family.  My family needs be there for be love them, and to do what brings me joy!  Sooo without wasting anymore time...I am here to say I am back!

My first step is to surround myself with all of the tools of the trade I have collected over the years...translation lol the hubby gave me my very own Kraft Heaven!  Before I crafted in a corner of our family room...not alot of space but I was content but always looking for better storage to cover up my goodies when not in use.  Now I have a 8x10 room filled with all of my crafty goodness!  It has been two weeks since we started the move and I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel...fingers crossed it will be complete by the end of this weekend! (hubby is working nights so I will have lots of time to finish it My goal to complete this first step is to post pictures of my organized, decorated, and complete Kraft Heaven to my blog!

Wish me luck & stop back by on Monday to see the progress of my transition!

May the Scrappy World bless you with mounds of magnificient mojo and Kute N Krafty Kreations!

Love & Hugz