Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pinterest Challenge on A Lil Scrap of Heaven

Hi everyone...
I had such an awesome time tonight on Tiny Chat with some of the ladies from A Lil Scrap of Heaven.  Cynthia came up with a challenge from Pinterest for all of us to do while we chatted.  Once everyone was done...we were to pm her with our vote for our favorite.  And the winner would get a Lindy's Stamp Gang Starburst Stain!  So you ask what was the challenge?

We were to alter a Light Switch Plate with whatever we wanted and post a pic on A Lil Scrap of Heaven for judging!  You can find the inspiration for this challenge here:

So I took the switch plate off the wall in my Craft Haven and altered it up!  Here is what is now covering my light switch...
I think it turned out pretty good and I love seeing it on my wall! 

A quick project and great gals to chat with...what more could I ask for?

Thanks for stopping by...I have another project I just finished I will be sharing on stick never know what you are going to see!

Mucho Hugz,

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Giving myself a round of applause!

Well here I sit on a Thursday evening FINALLY with a completed project to share with my fan-tab-u-lous scrappy friends! 

I started this project with plenty of time to complete it before Valentine's Day AND send them out to the most wonderful of my scrappy babes but...

Life Happened...

no excuse just life so without too much of a delay these cute little clipboards will go postal tomorrow and hopefully will completely surprise the bestest of recipients I can think of!

These little cuties are tiny clipboards I found at Michael's in the dollar bins.  After re-inforcing them with a little chipboard, I decorated them with some goodies from my stash and made tiny notepads to go with them! 

This is the front of them...
This is the back...

This is with the tiny notepads...

And this is them all packaged up with a little bit of chocolate to go with them!  Who doesn't want a little yumminess for Valentine's Day!

Sooo see finally I finished a project to share with all of you lovlies!  Hope you like them...there is more to stick might be surprised!

Hugz to all,

Monday, February 6, 2012

Just an update!

Hello to all of my wonderful scrappy friends! I hope this post finds you all well and crafting diligently! Since my last post the days have flown by as I have been doing a lot of organizing and donating throughout my house! We were blessed with a new grand baby November 5th which has been a complete joy! And I have moved and completely reorganized my Scrappy Heaven...finished just in time to join a couple swaps...FINALLY! Lol I have really missed my scrappy friends and the opportunity to meet and get to know new crafters!

I joined Mammatiffy(Tiffany Solario) on Facebook for her 14 Days of Secret Valentines Day Swap. We were asked to make at least 7 handmade items but were to send a total of 14 items to our secret partners to start opening February 1st-14th. This swap has been so much fun and perfect for me to throw myself into to get back into the awesome crafty world! I was honored to be able to put packages together for the lovely Stacey Mclellan, she is the5blessings on YouTube, and is a very talented and sweet crafter! I was also blessed to be receiving my wonderful goodies from Laura De La Rosa, she is zutterluv on YouTube, she is spoiling me rotten! She has been extremely generous and has touched my heart with every package!

What a great start to my goal to surround myself in crafty goodness...right?

Well with this swap coming to an end soon...I also joined Hope Simpsons "And the Oscar Goes To..." Tag Swap on The Scrap Beach! I have been playing and creating with glitz and glam and cannot wait to see what all of the other talented ladies come up with!

I should have a completed tag in the next day or so and plan on making that my next crafty post! So stick around...I'm back and will be posting my kreations often!

Thanks for stopping by...Kim

Friday, October 14, 2011


Well I must say it has been too long since I have written a blog post!  A couple years ago I decided to return to completely overtook me!  After almost two years...I realized that I had lost or buried everything I loved to do which is pretty much anything crafty particularly scrapping!  In the beginning I worked because I was having fun...when it wasn't fun anymore, I worked because I thought I needed to work to feel worth! It took me several months, but what I realized the best way to feel worth is to be needed by your family.  My family needs be there for be love them, and to do what brings me joy!  Sooo without wasting anymore time...I am here to say I am back!

My first step is to surround myself with all of the tools of the trade I have collected over the years...translation lol the hubby gave me my very own Kraft Heaven!  Before I crafted in a corner of our family room...not alot of space but I was content but always looking for better storage to cover up my goodies when not in use.  Now I have a 8x10 room filled with all of my crafty goodness!  It has been two weeks since we started the move and I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel...fingers crossed it will be complete by the end of this weekend! (hubby is working nights so I will have lots of time to finish it My goal to complete this first step is to post pictures of my organized, decorated, and complete Kraft Heaven to my blog!

Wish me luck & stop back by on Monday to see the progress of my transition!

May the Scrappy World bless you with mounds of magnificient mojo and Kute N Krafty Kreations!

Love & Hugz

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Scrappin With The Divas!

There will be no Scrappin With The Divas this evening due to my daughters Bridal shower....hope to see you next sunday!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

TWS September Mini Swap For Kathryn

Hi guys...
Wow...this months mini gave me a run for my money but I did it!  And I think it turned out beatifully!  I tried to stay simple but elegant!  I have taken detailed photos of each page layout...if you have any questions...please let me know...I would be happy to share any techniques or answer any questions!  I kept the tags fairly simple as there are ALOT of them!  So check out the pictures and let me know what you think...can't wait to hear what all of you think!

I am sending this mini to Kathryn from Life's A Beach!  You can also visit her blog at!   She is an amazing crafter and I was and am very lucky to have her as a swap partner!  She made me a very beautiful album that you can see a video of on her blog!  I can't wait to get it!  Kathryn...please know that I appreciate every minute you put into the mini you created for me and I will cherish it always!  It always amazes me when you join a swap and recieve an amazing swap in return...Kathryn is the person who makes this happen on "our" beach!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such an amazing crafter and friend!  And thanks to all of you for stopping by...hope to see you stopping by more often!

Bear Hugz,

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nothing but chatter...

Well I have been gone for awhile from the blogging and crafting scene.  In January I was asked to return to a job I had had previously.  My original intention was woohoo craft soon it became craft cash, vacation money, new car payment, so on and so forth!  After about a week of getting settled into the position again I was informed that the business had been sold and we had a new owner!  I was shocked that no one had told me previous to accepting the job but I put my happy hat on and trudged forward.  Since the take over on February 2nd, the administration offices have been total chaos causing me total chaos at work and also when at home.  In the last couple of weeks, I have decided that I NEED my crafting to keep me sane and I miss it terribly.  I have been working on the same three projects since the beginning of June, only being able to actually craft here and there.  On friday, my office was given the news that it should be smooth sailing from here forward!  So yes I will still work full time but have much more free time for me and my NEED!  I am hoping I will be able to put up some pics of the projects this week and a happy YouTube vid of the main one.  So thanks for hanging out and there will be projects coming soon!  I hope to post more often now that life is working itself out!  In the words of Tigger...TTFN!