All About Me... name is Kim!  I am married to my one and only Royce.  Together we have four wonderful miracles, we like to call Amanda (26), Hanna (23), Patrick (19), and Mikey (12).  Amanda and her hubby Nic blessed us with a Lyvie Bug granddaughter in November 2011 and Hanna blessed us with a Jo Jo (12) & Paytor (11) when she married Gary.  We have a wonderful mix of what we call our family, each as special as the others! My family, my first love!

Coming in at a close second is my love for crafts!  My grandmother at a very young age taught us to sew, crochet, and a mix of misc. goodiness that made us pretty confident that if it could be done, we could do it!  She is one of my many angels that watches over me always and I think there is a little of her in all of my creations.

Here on this blog is where I share my creations with others and hopefully one day I will inspire others as they have inspired me!

My love to all,


  1. Hey just wanted to let you know that Kerri received your box and there is a recording over on Ustream

    1. Thanks Diane! I was wondering if she had recieved it yet...I'm so glad she liked it!