Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Resolutions!

I have more resolutions then I can count this year...never really considered them a resolution but more of a goal!  So on this New Years cup runith over with goals for the New Year!  This is my year peeps...I'm happily married to a man that completes family is happy and stable and I get to spend my free time doing what I love...scrapping!  Its been many years since I have been able to be so completely honest and happy on New Years!  I have five goals in my cup I will be sharing with you...these are the items I want to focus on the most and hope to stick with!  Number 1...I want to build a savings and not live paycheck to paycheck!  #2- Drink more water...even if its just a sip!  #3- Cook more at can only eat Ramen so! #4- Take more pics...always forgeting the camera when I really could get some cute pics!  and #5- Of course...I want to lose weight and get healthy...this is my year ladies....I will succeed! My grandma used to tell me...being optimistic is half of the is to charging forward and taking on the other half of the battle and winning!  Hope each and every one of you has a fantabulous 2010 and find the optimism to succeed and win your battle!

Pleasant Dreams and Wishes to all!


  1. Excellent goals! i'm with you for alot of them, best of luck for 2010, lets hope it is "my year" for everyone!!

  2. Hi Kim Its Jade your DSC trade partner and A. I LOVE your resolutions they are VERY similar to mine!!! B. I have resolved to make you a kick butt mini so lets chat!!! I am going to email you shortly! Good luck in your endeavors.